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The Clayton County Down Payment Program

Down Payment Assistance creates opportunity for individuals seeking homeownership.  Clayton County is committed to assisting home-buyers in search of affordable house.  The down payment assistance program provides funds to assist home-buyers with cost associated with purchasing a home in Clayton County.

Home grant funds are used in the form of zero percent interest (0%) to eligible recipients not to exceed $8250.00.   A 5 year commitment to remain in the home is required.  This commitment helps to assist the county in stabilizing neighborhoods.  After completing the 5 year mandatory period, the funds provided will be fully forgiven.

  • Buyer can purchase a home up to maximum sales price of $165,000
  • Buyer’s minimum contribution is $1,000
  • Earnest money, Appraisal and Home Inspection cost count towards home buyer contribution
  • Buyer’s could receive up to $8,250 in assistance
  • Veterans/Spouse will receive $7,500 in assistance
  • All buyers must complete an 8-hour home buyer education class
  • Program is for first time home buyers or if you have not owned a home in 3 years
  • Buyer MUST occupy the home for 5 years, after 5 years the total amount is fully forgiven
  • The down payment assistance provided is interest free
  • Must qualify for a 30 - year fixed FHA, Conventional first mortgage
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Who is eligible?

First time home-buyers or have not owned a home in the last 3 years. Buyers meeting the HUD income limits. Credit – worthy applicants qualifying for a home loan within the credit score required by the HUD Approved lender.

What homes are eligible for this program?

Single family detached homes in Clayton County only. Homes must meet FHA minimum standards. No Condos or New Construction. Homes sales price does not exceed the maximum allowed amount of $165,000.

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